Sesotho Media & Development (SM&D) has a long track record of successfully implementing programs reaching out to a wide range of audiences through film screenings.

Using a human rights-based approach, SM&D currently addresses issues of stigma and discrimination and marginalization through facilitated film screenings in Lesotho’s communities such as:

  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in all forms
  • Sexuality and health with focus on HIV and AIDS and underage pregnancy
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation (LGBTI)
  • Youth inclusion in decision-making
  • Rehabilitation of (ex-)inmates

SM&D additionally organizes the annual event of the

SM&D’s activities are based on the belief that:

  • open communication reduces levels of stigma and discrimination
  • access to information is key for participation and activism in social development and change processes
  • communication processes need to be inclusive and be put at the service of the poor and marginalized
  • everyone has the right to access to accurate information and knowledge to make informed decisions about their daily lives

Please note that SM&D’s Social Media channels are constantly updated with news and pictures of past, current and upcoming events.

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