SM&D uses the power of documentary films to promote a human-rights based approach to development.

Trained facilitators engage audiences through film screenings and facilitated discussions, guiding through the four stages of the learning cycle:

An external evaluation (Evaluation report by James Taylor, CDRA, November 2015) concludes that “the ultimate value of the organization lies in the very particular and exacting practice of facilitating a depth of purposeful and focused conversation triggered by appropriate and relevant documentary film…
The practice has three elements to it: building relationships with communities through leaders, facilitators and gate-openers who can mobilize communities to participate and facilitate follow-up; facilitating the conversations and providing information; and building network relationships with other organizations and agencies to complement the contribution of SM&D.

The other essential element to SM&D’s success is the continued availability of topical relevant and accessible documentary films that are designed to elicit further discussion and exploration.”

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